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    Jinal Patel

    You can’t step in the same river twice. An artist sits down to make a copy of a piece, and ends up making something entirely new. The river of consciousness moves on.

    The word ‘between’ comes from ‘betweonum’ where ‘tweon’ means ‘two each’. Making pairs of the same design I often reach a third design, something that in the process of making suddenly strikes my consciousness and I embrace it.

    Our ‘One of a Kind’ section is a culmination of such pieces that emerged ‘in-between’; between chance and freedom and between random and controlled. These ‘in-betweens’- are they not every artist’s favourites? Isn’t that what our hearts yearn for?

    Somewhere in-between what we desire and what we have, resides a possibility. It provokes and creates disquietude within and also brings joy. It resides in the pause between two breaths, in the indecisiveness of the other foot when one has already started moving.

    Our online store has a separate section ‘one of a kind’ for all who are interested in the ‘in-betweens’ and unique pieces. These are the pieces that transformed my practice by lifting their heads out of the cavern of non-existence into self-expression. I often wonder, “Did I make them or did they make me?”

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