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    Jinal Patel

    ‘Change is the only constant’ a Greek philosopher Heraclitus said.
    Embracing change may not be easy but it is a part of this beautiful growing process. I remember when I started Dookdi. I couldn’t see it as a brand. Love of ‘making’ pushed it to ‘become’.

    Our everyday life is changing radically. Our new normal is about ‘distance’, ‘pause’ and ‘re-evaluation’. But I believe, ‘distance’ also creates opportunities. It allows us to discover the resources we have not found out yet. This pause has made me ponder over this.

    Hence, after a long quiescence, here I am embracing the ‘new normal’. Hoping to explore new roads with an urge to learn more and more. We are happy to launch Dookdi’s online store with our new brand logo.

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