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    Yes we understand that our pieces are different from plated jewellery available in the market.

    In order to understand these pieces and its process in a better way, we have noted a few common queries around it.

    Please feel free to add more into our suggestion box below.

    What materials are used to make the pieces?

    We usually use brass and copper for most pieces. Some one kind pieces are made with silver and other metals fused with different techniques.you can check the materials of each pieces in the description besides the image under ‘material’.

    Is our jewellery plated?

    Most of our pieces are not plated.(Plating is a surface covering in which a metal is deposited on a conductive surface.) The best way is to check if the piece is plated or not in the description under ‘finish’.

    What is patina?

    Patina is a thin layer on the metal skin. A surface formed by a chemical reaction or exposure with oxygen in the air-Called ‘Oxidation’. Unlike applied painting and powder coatings, the effect is caused by reaction of metal with the solutions. Some metals react with moist air on their own skin at a gradual pace we call , ‘beautifully ageing’!

    Metals like brass ,copper, bronze and even silver ages.

    Why do we take so long for delivery?

    Our pieces are made by hand and finished in the hand of our designer!

    We do not stock our pieces in large quantities. Once you place the order, the piece will be made just for you and as soon as it is ready, it will be dispatched.it will be dispatched sooner if it is ready!

    Within India, it takes usually 3-7 business days to reach once we book the shipment.

    If you need the pieces sooner than usual , please contact us through info@dookdi.com before placing an order.We shall try and accommodate the request in all possible ways.

    Is it possible to contact us for refurbishing if the pieces are dull ?

    Like we said, Most of our pieces are not plated and we celebrate the ageing of the metal.

    but we also understand that you want the pieces to look as you got them.

    Here is how!

    If the piece is dull and you want it to make it plain as you wore the ‘patinated’ piece for quite a while now  or you want it to look similar with patina ,write to us on info@dookdi.com and we can assist you for your personal queries accordingly. Please do not forget to send a clear picture along with your query.



    – The shipping of the piece to our address will be done by you after our confirmation.

    – Charges of sending the piece back to you will be done by us with shipping charge according to your postal address.   

    – Refurbishing takes time and it is equal to making the piece again. Hence we take minimal charges according to the piece. It can start from 500 and according to the piece it may vary.

    – This does not apply to pieces : bought just six months ago. bent or broken pieces by inappropriate use or storage. and modification to our product by a third party other than us.this implies to items purchased from our website only.


     If your query is Still not resolved, please write to us and we will get back to you!

    How long my order will take to reach me?

    Your order is made in 5-7 business working days.Shipping takes 5-7 working days.In total 10-12 days t from the order date to delivery you may expect.If the order is ready, it takes 5-7 working days once we book the shipping.

    Suggestion Box

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